Leadership & Career Success Coaching

Leadership & Career Success Coaching


The world of work will continue to change…

The world of work will continue to change, evolve and throw up challenges for you to conquer…the one constant within all of this is YOU

I help you to develop your confidence, inner capacity, skills, knowledge and strengths to enable you to thrive at work, be impactful and successful without compromising on your well being and happiness.

As a psychologically trained coach with a MA in Coaching & Mentoring, a facilitator and consultant with 20 years expertise in facilitating transformational change, people and leadership development, I work in 3 areas below:

Career development and confidence coaching
Leadership and team coaching
Open and bespoke workshops

My philosophy is based on my Holistic Leadership model and on the belief that we are all leaders in our different ways and at the core of leadership are the essential ingredients of what makes us humankind.

Holistic Leadership model revised 2015

    • Being with self – change, growth and development starts from within: an awareness of your strengths, values, purpose, flaws and impact on others. When you are comfortable with being ‘you’, your confidence, resilience and authenticity will be increased, enabling you to be handle new and stressful situations more effectively
    • Being with others – when we are at ‘one’ with ourselves we can ‘be’ with others fully. By listening, being empathetic, engaging in dialogue, developing trusting relationships and networks you are able to be more engaged and effective with others thereby building your influence, trust, visibility and credibility
    • Leading others – taking a systems approach to leadership and using stories and narratives to emotionally connect, inspire and develop your people to drive results and performance to achieve their own and organisational objectives
    • Continuing to learn, adapt and seeing oneself as part of a larger system: where you are able to go beyond the self and ego, to serve, be interconnected and spiritually minded

I use my model as a framework to explore your specific needs, priorities and context and use this to create a a bespoke programme that will move you towards what you truly want and be more of who you are at work at home, in life…

Learn more about my leadership model, my coaching approach and me below

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